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Want to be irresistible to your audience?

Irresistible product

It’s no secret there are countless people doing what you do as an entrepreneur. Services, sales, products, features, you are literally one of thousands fighting for much of the same attention, business, and client loyalty.

If you want to leave your audience begging for more, there’s one tip, one small piece of advice to be truly irresistible…

Be fantastic.

It doesn’t matter what you do, if you don’t do it exceptionally well, you will lose business. If you’re a consultant, invest far more hours in becoming fantastic at what you do than in sharing what you do. There is no lack of opportunity and resources to becoming one of the greatest in the world at what you do, but it’s up to you to achieve fantastic results.

It might mean you invest in a success coach or an image consultant. It might mean you revamp your content strategy through a marketing firm (or a much-cheaper, high quality customized content creator *ahemahem* like me!). For me personally, I spend 4-5 times more effort investing in my development than I do in my promotions.

Nothing can make up for a lousy product. State-of-the-art marketing means a lousy product gets exposed even faster. Having a fantastic product or content is the best step towards being irresistible to your market audience.

One of the most proven ways to build a fantastic reputation is through first-rate blog content. I help entrepreneurs and businesses provide fresh blog content relevant to their audience and custom-fit to their brand strategy.

I can give you fantastic content, just ask me how…

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6 Qualities in an Entrepreneur’s DNA

I love being an entrepreneur. I love spending time with other entrepreneurs. There’s something intoxicating about this strange herd of ours, this unique way we look at life and say, “Just try to stop me.” It’s in our blood to be this envelope-pushing, odds-objecting, self-motivated force.


But, what’s the DNA of an entrepreneur? What makes us the way we are and defines much of what we do? Each entrepreneur is unique, but I’ve found at least six major qualities that create the DNA of an entrepreneur.

1. Boot-strap puller

Entrepreneurs know how to pull ourselves up by our own boot straps. It’s not just a way of life; it’s the only way of life we know. If it’s a problem to face, we will figure out a solution, work extra, think harder, smarter, longer, whatever it takes because we will make things work. We can do this, or die trying.

2. Moxie

Every single entrepreneur I’ve met has confidence. It may not always be visible, especially in a high-stakes situation, but I’ve seen more moxie, more swagger from entrepreneurs than any other people. It’s the drive to take on the world with no apologies for why you do what you do.

3. Last-one standing

There’s a “survive or die trying” mentality I’ve noticed among entrepreneurs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bartering situation, a brainstorming session, or a product launch, the last one standing in any fight for a better future will be an entrepreneur. I’d take that bet any day.

4. Passion

You can’t coach passion. You either have it, or you don’t. The undisciplined side of passion is what gets hot-headed 20-somethings “released” from glass-ceiling corporations because they intimidate people and haven’t learned how to properly communicate their passion. When those same individuals learn to harness their passion in diplomatic ways is when companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, and Disney find their founders. Passion is infectious and fickleness, all rolled into one relentless drive.

5. Vision

Vision is the ability to see beyond your current scope and change directions to set your best future course. Bad vision kills companies. Leaders with poor vision don’t last long. Neither do leaders without the ability to cast vision clearly. Entrepreneurs can see further down the path than anybody else attached to their dreams, and it takes clarity and wisdom to translate vision into perfect direction.

6. Ability to change

We all hate change, in some form or another. Change is uncomfortable. Most entrepreneurs are used to being the redheaded step-child of society; we can’t help thinking differently from the rest of the world. This is why the ability to change is so ingrained into entrepreneurs. Without change, there would be no trial-and-error, no refinement of vision, and no ability to launch something new and fresh on the heels of exploration.

We are a rare breed and there are many reasons why we do what we do. These qualities, and more, help build some of the most inspiring and challenging people I have the privilege of knowing. It’s in our DNA.