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Six-Packs and Social Media?!


Six-pack abs take work!

It’s one thing to see a 20 year old claiming to be allergic to his shirt while flashing a six-pack on Daytona Beach. It’s another thing to see a 40-something not ashamed to show the world they are the 1% of their age group with a fantastic core.

Shaping a six-pack takes months and months of exercise, diet, and discipline to get the results you want. The same is true for social media.

Many businesses and entrepreneurs invest too little effort in hopes for overnight success with their audience. Trying to carve out an hour of time for social media and expecting instant results is like expecting six-pack abs after your first day in the gym. It takes time, discipline, and focus.

When I coach different businesses and entrepreneurs about social media, I recommend finding two, maybe three social media platforms with a great potential audience for your brand and becoming fantastic with those platforms.

If it’s Facebook, pour your efforts into leveraging your Facebook page for contests, fan-gating, increase likes, build into conversations with your audience, and invest in your audience.

If Twitter is where your brand is gaining traction, take the time to develop your Twitter following. Use a social media management tool, like Buffer, Hootsuite, or TweetDeck, to interact with your audience, engage in conversation, and space your content strategically.

Thinking you’re going to share 30 posts a day if you’ve never posted before is unrealistic and unsustainable without the right discipline in place. I personally carve out 30 minutes each day to curate my Twitter feed and email to find content relevant to my learning and helpful to my audience. My Twitter following isn’t nearly as high as others yet, but it is a very strong audience.

Start with one post a day, then move to two, and slowly build as you’re able to sustain that pace. Whatever your platforms are, start slow, build strong, and hone your platform to perfection over time… just like a perfect six-pack.

I provide coaching on how to build social media platforms to best fit your brand. Getting the right education can empower you to share your message to build a powerful platform for future business.

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Social Media Tools 101: TweetDeck

As the name suggests, Social Media Tools 101 is a series of posts to help beginners understand some of the wonderful social media management apps and tools available today.

TweetDeck by Twitter logo

What is TweetDeck?

TweetDeck has a history as one of the most popular Twitter management tools. It was first launched by independent developer Iain Dodsworth in 2008, and later purchased by Twitter in 2011. The acquisition price? Roughly $40 million, a nice ROI for only one app.

HOW IS TweetDeck DIFFERENT from other Social Management tools?

Unlike other social management tools, TweetDeck is exclusively geared towards Twitter (in case the name didn’t give it away). TweetDeck used to feature management options for Facebook, LinkedIn, and others, but now it only features Twitter. There also used to be mobile app versions available for TweetDeck, but they were discontinued shortly after its acquisition by Twitter.


TweetDeck desktop app provides customizable views of one or more Twitter accounts. It’s user-friendly and has a streamlined approach for perusing your Twitterdom.


It’s hard to imagine a positive experience for a social management tool without a mobile version available. Still, Twitter did an amazing job of overhauling TweetDeck with its new interface last summer. The limitation to one social platform, albeit Twitter, is not as attractive as a multi-platform social media management tools, such as Buffer or HootSuite.


TweetDeck isn’t dead yet (as much as the pundits might say). It will be interesting to see how it continues developing with Twitter’s massive R&D resources. There are far worse apps and tools to use when it comes to managing one or more Twitter accounts.


If you already have a Twitter account, go ahead and sign in to TweetDeck using the desktop app or browser extension. From there, happy tweeting!

However, if TweetDeck still sounds too complicated…

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